Brutal killings in London – a review of The Murder Bag by Tony Parsons

imageThe Murder Bag by Tony Parsons is an exciting new crime novel and the first in the DC Max Wolfe series.

A series of murders have been committed in London, all the victims went to school together and all have had their throats slit in the most brutal fashion. The serial killer has left no fingerprints or even glove marks behind them so the hunt is really on for DC Max Wolfe, especially as a man the press are calling Bob the Butcher is claiming to be responsible for the crimes.

Wolfe is organising his work life around a hectic home schedule. His wife no longer with them he is bringing up his 5 year old daughter, Scout, alone. Their only other company is a little dog called Stan. These two give depth to the detectives background and provide some touching moments.

The novel is exciting and grabs your attention easily but personally some of the final revelations didn’t quite hang together. The plot seemed to have a few holes at the end but was nonetheless a good read.

DC Max Wolfe will return later this month in The Slaughter Man.



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