Crime Fiction Favourite – Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None

imageAgatha Christie’s 1939 crime novel And Then There Were None must be one of the best written and most fiendish crime novels of all time.

Ten people are lured to Solider Island through some pretence by a U.N. Owen. When they arrive at the island their host is not there and no-one seems to know who this person is. After dinner a record player plays a message that accuses each person in the room of having caused the death of another person. The voice on the player reads out the names and dates of the crimes as if in a court of law. By the end of the night the first guest is dead. By the time help arrives at the island, all ten are dead.


This novel is an absolute masterpiece in suspense and holds you interest until the very last page. If all ten people are dead and there is not another living soul on this cut off island, who can possibly be the killer?

I won’t spoil it for you here, I will only urge you to read it. Agatha Christie is at any time an excellent writer but in this novel she surpasses even her own genius. If you read only one crime novel, it should be this one.

And what wonderful covers this novel has had…





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